About our mission:

While our practice embraces experiential learning and conservation methodology, our mission is tied to a very human process of growth and development on an individual level.

Fly fishing has long been an affluent white man’s pastime. Long before catch and release fishing was implemented by fisheries management, the rules of the game were set by those welcomed to the space. We’re looking to get more diverse voices into the conversation of what fly fishing will become, guided by three core principals:







MEND: Confluence Collective is dedicated to environmental stewardship, particularly protecting the waters we explore and native species we meet. Profits from our exchanges go back into partnering communities to further conservation projects within their local context.

RISE: We learn from each other with open minds and dynamic identities. We become more technically practiced and successful in our fly fishing by observing the best and embracing growth. Rise from the present to lead the way in the future.

RELEASE: We’re moving past today’s fly fishing culture to something more inclusive. By supporting awesome communities doing awesome things, we preserve the sport and protect our natural world. Join us to support tomorrow’s fly fishers and learn something new in a welcoming environment.